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Whether your business is a start-up or a large corporate, myCloudPBX is the solution to power your telephony needs.

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myCloudPBX is constantly evolving  |  Never again be locked into aging technology

myCloudPBX is constantly evolving so you’ll never again be locked into ageing technology

Being cloud-hosted means myCloudPBX offers the benefit of always enjoying features and improvements of the latest version


Complete Online Dashboard Control


Secure Cloud Infrastructure


24/7 dedicated Australian support


Flexible solution to communicate from
wherever you are

Easy Management of Telephony Infrastructure

Person to person voice engagement remains the primary channel where business decisions are made.

The speed at which business now moves means that the ability to adjust and scale is more important than ever.

Benefits, Scalability and Flexibility

myCloudPBX has many benefits that will help power your business telephony needs. These include:

  • Instant deployment of additional users via the myECN Portal
  • Scale up or down - add, remove, and modify users in real time
  • Categorise and group users as offices or teams
  • Perfect for mobile and international workers, as well as virtual offices where employees can connect over the Internet
  • No more purchasing phone lines and experiencing installation lead times
  • Instantly manage users and phone system configuration through the myECN Portal
  • Smartphone and tablet integration
  • Flexible and powerful call handling options

Management Reports

myCloudPBX provides a wealth of management reporting through myECN’s reporting dashboard including:

  • Average call length (per individual users or call groups)
  • Average ring time to answer
  • Call volumes (per individual users or call groups)
  • Abandoned calls
  • Total call counts (inbound and outbound)

Custom Management Dashboard

Management dashboards provide critical information about your myCloudPBX system in real-time. Call queues, call status and call statistics widgets are all viewable at a glance and can be displayed as management reports or broadcast to display panels for large format display.

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Key Features

Smart Calling

Allows you to never miss a call again by forwarding calls to your mobile and your extension simultaneously.

Holiday Call Routing

Users can configure pre-set holiday conditions. These conditions, when matched, will send the call to a pre-configured action, such as Voicemail with a Christmas message for example. Once configured, the condition can be used on as many call routes as needed, easily.

Call Reporting & Logs

The myCloudPBX reporting dashboard allows users to view and download the call records and other statistics for all calls.

Virtual Fax

The Virtual Fax add-on is an advanced feature providing the facility to send and receive a fax electronically and have it sent/delivered by email to a nominated Email address.

Conference Rooms

The ECN conference bridge allows you to host conference calls with as many callers as you need.

Valet Parking

Instead of transferring calls to another extension, calls can be placed into a valet park slot and retrieved from another extension.

Emergency Routing

In the instance your main extensions are offline, eg. power outage; calls can be redirected to any phone number (both on and off platform), or to any other part of your call flow; voicemail etc. If a call goes to emergency routing, you can even be notified via email.

Call Recording Encryption

For additional security, a user generated public key can be provided, myCloudPBX will encrypt call recordings using your provided public key limiting access to only the private key holder.

Smartphone Integration

The softphone is a downloadable application designed to replace or supplement your desk phone. Using the softphone, you can make or receive calls from anywhere as if you were in the office. By enabling the softphone on your extension, you are agreeing to the softphone add-on fee being charged monthly for this extension.

Other Features

Private caller ID

Call Transfer

Customised Dashboard Widgets


Call Queues


Virtual Extensions

Auto-Attendant (IVR)

Advanced Outbound Caller ID

Call Recordings

Call Waiting

Custom Music On Hold

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