High speed fibre Internet to power your business into the future

Fibre400 is a Fibre Optic Broadband service ideal for businesses requiring cost-effective enterprise-grade connectivity.

If your business handles large amounts of data and requires access to a range of cloud services provided by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM and many others, then Fibre400 is the perfect data solution.

ECN Fibre options include:

  • Delivered on an enterprise-grade fibre network with a 99.95% service availability guarantee
  • Reliable solution to increase data capacity and meet demands
  • Option to divide allocation across 4 services such as data, voice, cloud and Internet
  • Unlimited data and symmetrical speeds of up to 400Mbps

Unmetered Downloads

Unlimited Internet on a flat-rate data plan and Static IP

400Mbps Speed

High speed connectivity over fibre with data transit in or out of your organisation

Fibre Technology

Enterprise-grade symmetrical 400Mbps/400Mbps uncontended fibre connection

Voice Ready

Compatible with hosted voice platforms including myCloudPBX and Business SIP



From $399.00

per month + $39.90 GST/month

Minimum spend $21,067.20 inc. GST over 48 months

No Setup Fee

Do you need more bandwidth (speed)?

Click here for Fibre1000.

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