Dark Fibre

ECN Dark Fibre offers a way to build your own dedicated network and have complete control and freedom over how it works.

With your own private and secure network your business won’t have to share the data service with other businesses. Dark Fibre can provide a point-to-point connectivity solution that offers a secure way to deliver high-speed data applications.

ECN Dark Fibre options include:

  • It gives you full control, so you can choose how, when and what equipment to use.
  • You receive allocated fibre dedicated to your business, providing you with physical separation from any other service.
  • Connect multiple office branches and disaster recovery sites
  • Cost-effectively upgrade without any additional carrier costs as your business requirements and technology evolve

High Speed

Run 10Gbps Ethernet, FibreChannel (SAN) or multiple DWDM wavelengths across the service by connecting the corresponding hardware at each end. Fibre optic cables can be lit up to 100Gbps on a single wavelength depending on the distance of the fibre cable itself

Reliability and Scalability

Benefit from improved reliability and significantly lower latency. It allows you to grow and create your own network without the need to invest in your own fibre-optic infrastructure


Transferring data is secure as the fibre is not shared with other customers. Common types of outages due to third party damage to the power infrastructure are mostly avoidable with Dark Fibre

Available in all Australian capital cities

Dark Fibre offers extensive coverage, so you can expand your network as and when you need it. Widely available in all Australian capital cities

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