Data Centre Interconnect

The success of a business often relies on the stability of its network infrastructure. With huge amounts of data constantly being managed, distributed and exchanged around the world, Data Centre Interconnect has the flexibility to offer a tailored access solution to meet specific business requirements.

  • Quickly, seamlessly and securely connect endpoints within data centres and data centre campuses, across metros – across the globe.
  • Integrate all your networks, cloud and business services, across all your markets
  • Gain a whole new level of control over performance and security
  • Solid IT infrastructure that can be scaled indefinitely and with more flexibility

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Get direct access to servers in the case of an outage or maintenance window for hardware and/or software


Provides direct, physical contact point between servers, providers, and customers


Offers diversity and flexibility to meet and outsource every unique business objective


Can accommodate the consumer demand for flexible, cost-efficient growth

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