ECN Microwave

The premium-grade fixed wireless data solution is ideal for businesses that have no fixed connection available.

For remote locations fibre is often either not an option, or is extremely expensive. Fixed wireless networks can be the solution to meet the demand for bandwidth in those areas so your business can continue to run smoothly.

  • Low initial cost of delivery
  • Quick deployment
  • Accessible even in difficult terrain, assuming good line of sight
  • Maintain high network performance while keeping costs down

Scalable and Flexible

A fixed wireless network is available wherever a signal can be received, preventing any connectivity issues when scaling up your business to multiple locations


Fixed wireless can deliver fast, reliable network connectivity to even the most remote locations, keeping your organisation running seamlessly

Disaster Recovery

Provide effective backup connectivity in the event of flood, fire or outage

Cloud Access

The high-availability, symmetrical broadband performance of fixed wireless helps keep your cloud client software running with optimal speed and reliability

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