4G Internet

Bring the Internet with you with wireless 4G Internet - servicing locations Australia-wide.

4G is a wireless data service perfect for businesses that require fast Internet with a fast connection process. If your business changes addresses regularly or doesn’t have a fixed address, a portable Wi-Fi service like 4G is the ideal solution. 4G requires no technician or phone line, making it easier than ever to get set up!

  • Static Business IP Address
  • Remote Management
  • No technician needed - do it yourself!
  • No phone line required
  • Compatible with most 4G devices
  • SD-WAN ready

Static IP

Ideal for applications such as VPNs, email, web servers, remote access servers

Priority Traffic

When your network gets busy, give priority to important data

Australian Support

Australian-based support and customer service

Voice Ready

Compatible with hosted voice platforms including myCloudPBX and Business SIP



From $39.95

per month inc. GST

Minimum spend $958.80 over 24 months

No Setup Fee with 24 month contract

Ideal for businesses that require fast Internet with a fast connection process, change addresses regularly or don’t have a fixed address, need portable Wi-Fi when travelling.

Static Business IP Address

Remote Management

SD-WAN Ready


  • How much data does my business need?
  • What happens if I go over my limit?
  • What happens once my order is placed?
  • How long does it take to complete my order?
  • When will my address be nbnTM ready?

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