Innovation at ECN

Innovation at ECN is driven by a constant dialogue around our customer’s needs and our ability to quickly deploy new products and features.

Innovation occurs naturally when we understand and discuss tangible business requirements with our customers.

By working collaboratively with our customers and gaining deep insight into their business practices and strategic outcomes, we can focus our efforts on developing, testing and deploying business communication tools that provide immediate benefits against new and emergent challenges.

“Our approach to innovation is about keeping our customers and ECN ahead of the telecommunications technology curve.”

Our Innovation Process

Innovation at ECN is defined by our business-centric approach to creating products aligned to our customer’s needs.

We work within the Scrum framework along with Agile development processes and Design Thinking methodologies.

We develop new products with a focus on:

  • Business Outcomes
  • Technological Feasibility
  • Economic Viability

Within the Agile methodology, we provide fast and dependable delivery of software and services with a strong adherence to technical excellence and ongoing usability and stability.

The Design Thinking process helps us to understand our customer needs by observing and tackling the problem in a human-centric way.

We include our customers in the development process by following the five stages of the Design Thinking process. By following this method, we can achieve better results with better feedback, following four main pillars:

01. Discover

An understanding of the problem or what could be; Thinking "outside the box". Brainstorming to generate ideas and new ways of thinking.


Product Innovation

1300 numbers allow businesses to punch above their weight. ECN is aligning a suite of business communication tools to enable businesses with geographically disperse teams to look, act and perform like a large corporate entity.

Our customers asked for quick access to 1300 numbers. ECN has built a platform and online offering to allow you to order and receive your 1300 number in minutes, not days.

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SIP is here. VoIP is here. IMS is here. Integrating voice, text and the myriad of comms tools our staff and teams are utilising is the key to integrated information and telecommunication management.

myCloudPBX gives information managers the tools and resources to deploy flexible and scalable communications outcomes based on emerging needs and business demands.

myCloudPBX is the core product of ECN that is continually enhanced and modulated to assist your business to be connected and managed by your business.

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Inbound or outbound - managing call volumes and more importantly, quality of engagement, are the new benchmarks for call centres of any size. Cloud Dial integrates traditional call routing and campaign management tools with real-time statistical analysis to manage passive or active call campaigns.

Built out of a request from a major client this product is your answer to managing your outbound or inbound call centre. Features on Cloud Dial include blaster campaigns, and custom dial ordering and call recordings.

Totally outsourced web content management with the flexibility and control of an inhouse web team. WebNow gives businesses the ability to rapidly deploy content, brand and information at “go to market” speeds.

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System Innovation

myECN Portal

Your teams and reps need access to service availability information, billing options and invoicing tools. The business telecommunications landscape is increasing in complexity every day. myECNPortal is the core platform for engaging with ECN. Once a customer, deploying our tools, analysing client needs and authenticating orders in real time will be easier than ever.

We recognised that customers need to order at any time (day or night), log issues, build invoices and manage their business. myECN Portal is the gateway to achieve this. We also recognised how much information is transactional when dealing with customers, and as such our portal has gone through several iterations and continues to evolve.


ECN’s provisioning and support tools provide your deployment teams with total Project Management oversight and fully-automated phased rollout communication tools. ECN has reduced the complexity of multi-vendor telecommunications rollouts to the “Thanks! What else can we do for you?” call.

The biggest problem in the telecommunications industry is managing where we buy from to what we sell, and how do we look after our customers along the journey. Over the years, we have developed an outstanding tool that has been able to support the whole of ECN operations.

Our platform is a fully-integrated system that supports the Customer Service Team to provision your orders with our carriers and execute on one or many facets of your order. Meanwhile, the Technical Support Team are managing your support requirements via this platform and ensuring all the while your needs are prioritised, our responsiveness is recorded, and your ticket is closed out.

Clarity Billing Engine

White label, your label, your client’s label. Regardless of the billing entity, ECN’s billing tools give you the ability to accurately totalise services and amounts against customers and client instances. Billing tools that accurately reflect your sales team promises, the services rendered, and your bespoke rates are the cornerstone of solid telecommunications resale businesses. ECN’s Clarity billing engine gives you full control and full peace of mind.

Managing minutes and data usage is not an easy thing to do. Most companies have struggled with collating the amount and type of data that goes into a bill to the customer. It was this issue that led to an opportunity for ECN to build our own billing engine. Our Innovation Team has spent the effort early in our evolution to design and develop this system. Sitting inside Clarity we are able to bridge the gap between ordering to billing.